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I was born in Sakai City in Osaka, Japan.

In a sense, sushi was in my blood the moment I was born.

My grandfather owned a sushi restaurant in my hometown and

I grew up watching and admiring him as he worked on his craft everyday.

My grandpa is retired now, but every New Years Day,

his passion for sushi relives.

On a small table in our humble home in Osaka, my grandfather makes sushi with ingredients and cooking methods to each family members preference as he shares old tales while smiles and memories are created.

Sushi is not just Japanese food to me. I see sushi as an art form to connect with people and enjoy each other's company.

I want people to enjoy sushi that comes from the bottom of my heart in a private space where you can spend with your loved ones and friends.

There are many brilliant sushi restaurants in the Los Angeles area,

but I created 715 Sushi to bring a place with compassion, originality and

my roots, dating back to my grandfather's sushi restaurant.

I will be challenging myself in L.A , a city where ingredients, craftsmen and influencers from all around the world gather.

I will make 715 Sushi evolve day by day  and hope to collaborate with

artists of different genres. 

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